About Us

Our Story

Inspired by family origins and activities to the Burgundy region in France, our love of fine wines come through. Tending vines through winemaking produces wine close to nature and satisfies our most basic pleasures in life. 

Our Land

Nestled in the hills and canyons of Lafayette, California, Raisin d'Etre Vineyards produces excellent growing conditions within the Lamorinda  AVA Appellation. Ample sunshine, cool nights and rich soils only need the gentle touch of the Viticulturist to deliver quality, sweet, flavorful grapes to begin the winemaking process. 

Our Wines

Grapes received into the wine production cellar are converted to the fine wines available from Raisin d'Etre by years of experience, attention to details, minimal intervention, and collaboration with surrounding respected Enologists in the Lamorinda AVA to produce the flavors and distinctions available only to the Lamorinda AVA.   The resulting wine is only available to wine club membership.